Remarkable packaging and presentation

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when a generic hole-sleeve just won't do

industrial and related genres seem to be over-represented here, you can make your own conclusions from that..

  1. Various - Visionaire No. 53: Sound

    3 En vente à partir de €299,00

    no words! just read the release description

  2. Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Absinthe - La Folie Verte

    6 En vente à partir de €117,02

    one of the most beautiful mass-produced releases ever, customized Absinthe spoon is genius!

  3. Manhattan Project (4) - That's Impossible • Guinnesmen

    designer fabric sleeve from a Italian fashion house of the 80s
    Killer record also!

  4. Throbbing Gristle - 24 Hours

    suitcase of 26 TG tapes

  5. Various - Trame

    scented envelope

  6. Haruomi Hosono - Haruomi Hosono Presents Making Of Non-Standard Music

    14 En vente à partir de €19,26

    it's a must to have this release with the great comic included

  7. Sonnenbrandt - Sonnenbrandt

    2 En vente à partir de €25,00

    including packet of sand and a swim cap!

  8. Various - Slippenbekenntnisse

    3 En vente à partir de €100,00

    packaged with ladies underwear and sanitary napkin (!!!)

  9. Alice Cooper - School's Out

    57 En vente à partir de €4,75

    Early jackets have fold open die-cut desktop and included 'panties' inner sleeve.

  10. Various - Max Mix 4

    51 En vente à partir de €1,00

    includes the tools and instructions to make your own tape megamix

  11. Isaac Hayes - Black Moses

    48 En vente à partir de €2,23

  12. Modern Chant - Doing It, And Dying Of It

    handmade release, each copy seems to have unique variations

  13. Various - Zyklon B

    fake zyklon b canister!
    Is this genius or appalling bad taste? I honestly don't know.

  14. Unit Moebius / Polygamy Boys - The Sixth Reich Pax Amerikkkana

    4 En vente à partir de €66,61

    USA flag with swastikas

  15. Genocide Organ - Save Our Slaves

    unique variations including chains and concrete

  16. John Bender - Plaster Falling

    3 En vente à partir de €250,00

    'destructive' packaging

  17. The Beatles - Yesterday And Today

    2 En vente à partir de €890,00

    as above: peel slowly and see!

  18. Bazooka Joe

    the 7" releases on this label come with a stick of bubblegum

  19. Various - G.A.S.K.R.I.E.G.

    including gasmask!

  20. PiL* - Metal Box

    30 En vente à partir de €59,32

    heavy duty

  21. Various - Urbi Et Orbi III

    3 En vente à partir de €15,00

    oversize A4 card tied with ribbon